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Moritz Thoma

Moritz Thoma, 28 years old, was born and works in Munich. During his art education studies, he began working as a freelance artist, developing his craft as a self-taught autodidact. Always in search of new techniques and materials, he explores mediums such as copper, wax, and stone. Despite his innovative approach, he remains loyal to traditional oil techniques, preparing pigments and mixing primers by hand. Recently, he has begun painting on plaster, using walls as his canvas.

The human being is always at the center of Thoma's work, focusing on the exploration of human existence and the connection between physical and psychological dimensions. He depicts humans as physical entities within a mental space. Currently, the symbol of the circle plays a prominent role in his work. The circle is not just a symbol of infinity but represents our mental space, embodying our goals, dreams, fears, and burdens. It can provide comfort and stability or be confining and burdensome. Thoma's aim is to make this "circle" as comfortable as possible for ourselves.

Thoma's dedication to his craft and his constant pursuit of new artistic expressions define his journey as an artist. His work invites viewers to reflect on their own mental spaces and the balance between comfort and challenge within their personal circles.

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